By Priscilla Lister

Adventure Pass Changes

Adventure Pass Changes

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Priscilla Lister


  1. Spring 2017 Countywide Super Bloom
    31 May, 2017
    Spring 2017 Countywide Super Bloom
    Spring 2017 was a bonanza for wildflowers throughout the county. After our five-year drought, record rains during fall and winter of 2016/2017 made for a beautiful rebound of spring blooms virtually everywhere. Take a look here at Cabrillo National Monument, Tecolote Canyon, Rose Canyon and Gonzalez Canyon blooms.
  2. Desert Super Bloom 2017
    31 May, 2017
    Desert Super Bloom 2017
    SPRING SUPER BLOOMS 2017 Anza-Borrego Desert State Park was covered with spring wildflowers this spring, said to be the best bloom in 20 years there. When I went in early March, fields were literally covered in yellow flowers from brittle bush, desert dandelion and purple wild canterbury bells. Throw in an occasional bright magenta bloom of the beavertail cactus, and the views were astounding. Here's a sample of the super bloom 2017.  ​
  3. Take your dog on Palomar Mountain Trail
    14 Nov, 2016
    Take your dog on Palomar Mountain Trail
    Myers Fire Road in Palomar offers something special for hikers: It’s the only trail in the state park that allows dogs.     It’s also a beautiful foray into the gorgeous forests of Palomar Mountain, a local landmark said to resemble the Sierra Nevada because of its trees.     Leaving from the Doane Valley Campground -- where some of the biggest and oldest oaks and firs make this a very popular camping destination -- I followed Myers Fire Road uphill through thick stands of black oaks,
  4. Cottonwood Falls
    17 Aug, 2016
    Cottonwood Falls
    Cottonwood Creek Falls is one of the easiest waterfalls to access in San Diego County. Find it near Laguna.
  5. Scripps Coastal Meander
    01 Jun, 2016
    Scripps Coastal Meander
    Here’s a wonderful coastal trail that is easily accessible off La Jolla Shores Drive. It’s a publicly accessible walking route through the campus of Scripps Institution of Oceanography offering scenic views of the coast, beach access, and a fascinating glimpse of the world famous institution.     It began here in 1903 as the Marine Biological Association of San Diego, yet another gift to the region from philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps, along with other comment leaders. Its first building
  6. Rose Canyon
    20 Apr, 2016
    Rose Canyon
    Hiking Rose Canyon April 18 with Alison DaRosa was another marvelous day on the trails. Tree tunnels of oaks and sycamores and willows are the best sight on this trail. And the day we were there, the mustard was literally painting the hills bright yellow.
  7. Note about this blog
    29 Mar, 2016
    Note about this blog
    I plan to add copies of the photos from my book here, because they can be in color. And of course they are bigger, too. See if these images might encourage you further to explore these gorgeous trails.